Technical Details


Instructions for installing and setting

The new model WL-500 is an smart easy to install device. It has four parts:

1-Floating Switch

2- Weight Element

3- Security Lock

4- Connection Cables
(WL-500 comes with 2 mts - other measures available)

The installation must be performed by qualified professional
It is advised that this switch commands the contactor coil less than 50 Volts, for a total security

First make a little hole in the tank tap just to let the cable go through. Preferently make the perforation in the opossite side of water pouring.(see diagrams below)

Setting the Level of Filling

slide the Weight Part(1) through the cable to set the mayor or minor water level. Then lock the Weight Part using the security lock part (2)


The installation should be performed by an eletrician

It's safer if this device commands a contator before connecting to the motor

Also very usefull for high density liquids as black waters

Avoid adding extentions to the original cable or making holes in the floating switch. It might cause electrical shock because of exposed wires. We can supply the devices with different larges to fit your needs!


Cistern System

Connect cables Black and Brown

The remaining cable (Blue) must be isolated

Tanks over rooftops or High Places

Connect cables Black and Blue

The cable not used must be isolated: Brown

Combined Tanks

Connect cables as indicated in the diagram shown on the right. This configuration uses to devices coonected in serie


Quality and Reliability

This product has been developed and tested under heavy duty. It's been manufactured using the best durable materials. WL-500 supports up to 15 Amperes.



If you need further assistance to easy install wl500 or wl300, please write your comments to techsupport. However, have in mind that all the instructions and requirements to installing and setting up are printed on the box cover the devices are shipped. Anyway we'll be glad to help you.

Both products come in a handy box. Instructions for easy instalation and setting are printed onto the box outside, the same instrutions you can find here in our web site

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