Walda Industries

History has changed, so you make the change...
he tecnology development in recent years has produced changes in almost every device and tool we use every day .
But for certain devices time has stopped and they remained unchanged since their creation date..

Although they are old enough, their materials obsolet and give a headach to the user, nobody have done anything to improve them.

Such is the case of the switches that control the level of water (any liquid) in tanks, depots, common public water systems. They're best known as "automatic for water tanks" and they had the same design over decades including the materials they were made of, causing tanks with no water at all, overfloads, easily broken, or their electrical bornes burn...

Beacuse of the mentioned reasons Industries Walda designed two simple devices with high technology included, so they can be used in different kind of liquids and fluids supporting up to 15 A.
30 years in the market offering automatic devices to control the level of liquids, introducing this time our two automatic switches for tanks.


Both products come in a handy box. Instructions for easy instalation and setting are printed onto the box outside, the same instrutions you can find here in our web site

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